Bosca Field Journal


Are you someone who likes to jot down notes, ideas, and lists? Are you someone who prefers an analog approach to writing? Do you often need to record an idea, blurb or song lyric, before it leaves your brain? Is quality important to you? Then you need the best all leather journal around. Our Field Journal is just that. Hand stained Italian leather, Interlocking pen loops that form a stylish closure, three card pockets, and one large accessory pocket (for receipts, scraps of paper, cash, etc.) Included with our Field Journal is a sleek-polished brass roller ball pen, that is just as attractive as the Journal cover itself. This pen has the weight and feel that speaks to its quality, and the roller ball tip glides across the pages of the included Field Notes notebook; you won’t want to stop writing. The pen comes with a black felt gift bag. As if the cover and pen aren’t enough, we also include a complimentary Kraft Field Notes notebook. Field Notes make the most popular small notebooks, and for good reason! With smooth opaque 60# bright white Finch paper, and French Due-O-Tone Kraft Cover, you will immediately feel the quality built into each notebook. We also offer a limited edition Field Notes Notebook 3 pack, at an additional cost. All of this arrives in a Bosca Gift Box.

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  • Cover for A5 size notebooks - 6 x 8 (148 x 210mm)
  • All leather design inside and out
  • Rhodia Staple bound notebook comes included
  • Left hand flap pocket
  • Business card pocket
  • Leather pen loop with elastic for pens up to 16.5 mm in diameter
  • Full Grain Italian Vegetable tanned Leather
  • Made in collaboration with our long term partner in Guanzhau, China or Kokata, India