Summer is here and Il Regalo Preferito is officially an Authorized YETI Dealer. YETI coolers are in high demand this season, and every season for that matter. Not only is Il Regalo Preferito now a dealer but they can also personalize your YETI Colster and Rambler for a minimal fee, you can’t get that at any other YETI dealer in town.

Along with the Rambler and Colster, Il Regalo Preferito also sells YETI coolers. These coolers are great for outdoor activities, such as fishing, grilling, golfing, hunting, and most importantly spending time with friends and family. The coolers were originally built for the wild by two brothers who were raised by their father to appreciate unfamiliar surroundings and high quality gear. YETI products can take the abuse and were built to handle a persons weight without the lid caving in. All YETI coolers are extraordinary products to be used for both land and water activities.

It is safe to say that YETI offers a product for just about anyone in need of a high quality cooler or beverage holder. So next time you need a personalized gift for a loved one, don’t forget about Il Regalo Preferito. The YETI Rambler can keep coffee hot for the morning person in your life and an adult-beverage ice cold for the eternal party animal in your home. Stop by either Il Regalo Preferito location, in McAllen or Laredo, today to get your YETI.