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Prometheus Octagon Walnut 100-Cigar Size

Prometheus Octagon Walnut 100-Cigar Size


Prometheus humidors are built with nickel-plated jumbo hinges for the solid opening and closing of the lid.

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Product Description

Prometheus Octagon Series Humidors come with Prometheus Optima Humidifier (made in France) and
Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer for the ideal storage of, and aging environment for, your priceless cigars.

Dimension: 17 inch x 10 x 5.2
43 cm x 22.4 x 13.2


Cleaning Instruction for Prometheus Humidors

In order to clean the outside surface of the Prometheus Humidors, please use clean cotton towel and rubbing alcohol. First, remove any dust on your humidor gently so that the surface will not get scratched. After this, wet your towel with rubbing alcohol, and wipe the outside surface gently to remove finger prints or any other stain.

In order to clean the inside veneer, use fine sandpaper to remove any stain. Please make sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain. Sanding against the grain leaves scratches.

How to Humidify Prometheus Humidors

1) Prometheus Optima Humidifier has been pretreated with our Special Care Solution. Do not open the sealed plastic bag until they are ready to be used. When you are ready to humidify your humidor, open the sealed plastic bag and apply distilled water to Prometheus Optima Humidifier by pouring distilled water through the front side. Or, you can pour distilled water in a container and soak the Optima humidifier. We recommend soaking the Optima humidifier in the container, which saves the usage of distilled water and is also more effective in applying distilled water. After shaking it off, wipe off the excess water with paper towel, and attach the Optima humidifier to the magnets, which are preinstalled on the humidor. NOTE: DO NOT APPLY DISTILLED WATER DIRECTLY TO THE INSIDE VENEER OF YOUR HUMIDOR. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY, AND WILL OVERHUMIDIFY YOUR HUMIDOR.

2) Prometheus humidors come with our complementary digital hygrometer/thermometer. Attach it to the magnet, which is preinstalled on the humidor.

3) Monitor the humidity level daily. The humidity level should go up to 70% within 5 days.

4) Once the humidity reaches 70%, you can put your cigars in the humidor. For any reason, if you are not going to use your humidor for a period of time, keep your Prometheus Optima Humidifier in a zip lock bag. Otherwise, the inside foam will dry up and not soak up distilled water effectively.

5) If the humidity goes above 72% and would not come down, remove the Prometheus Optima Humidifier from the humidor and use the humidor without it. Because the seal of Prometheus humidor is outstanding, it will maintain the 70% humidity without the humidifier once it is humidified sufficiently. Keep the removed humidifier in a zip lock bag. When the humidity drops below 70%, put Prometheus Optima Humidifier back in the humidor.

6) Please check the humidity level and your priceless cigar collection in your humidor regularly. If the humidity drops below 68%, apply distilled water to Prometheus Optima Humidifier. We recommend applying distilled water to the Optima humidifier once a month.

7) Once every six months, apply Prometheus Special Care Solution to the Optima humidifier so that it can continuously generate humidity effectively.