Il Regalo Preferito – Prometheus Cutter-H/23 Barley

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Prometheus Cutter-H/23 Barley

Prometheus Cutter-H/23 Barley


A great cigar cutter must not only combine elegance, ergonomics, and efficacy but must also be unique. The Prometheus Cutter H 23 has all these attributes in ample supply. The Cutter H’s design is so sleek that it is not immediately obvious how to use it. But once you know how, it feels as natural as writing your own name.

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Product Description

On top of the front side, you will find the release button. Hold the Cutter H with your thumb and index finger. Push the release button with your index finger, and the two handles spring out from the sides. Grasp the handles, and position the cutter hole over the head of your favorite cigar. Now, you are ready to put the precision blades into action.

The Cutter H’s comfortable design and sharp blades will enable you to achieve clean, crisp cuts on cigars. The large cutter hole lets you cut cigars as large as 60 ring gauge ones such as¬†Sencillo Black Gigante¬†without any problem. The slim design slips easily into any pocket, making the Cutter H the ideal gift item for your loved ones.

1.62 inch x 2.62 x 0.44
28 mm x 41 x 12