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Dutch Oven – Cast Iron

Dutch Oven – Cast Iron


Multi-functional, efficient and built to last a lifetime – the traditional cast iron Dutch Oven is a favorite for cooking stews, soups, chili and cobblers on the Big Green Egg. Ideal for simmering, braising, baking, sautéing and roasting, this Dutch Oven will only improve as it ages!

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Product Description

This cast iron all-rounder can be used for almost anything. The Big Green Egg Cast Iron Dutch Oven is ideal for stews, bubble and squeak, soups and one-pan dishes. The cast iron distributes the heat over the entire pan and the heavy lid of the Cast Iron Dutch Oven will prevent the liquid from escaping. Or use it without the lid to give all your ingredients that unique Big Green Egg flavour. No matter which option you choose, the braised meat will remain delightfully juicy and tender. Curious? Come back in about 4 hours…

Leave it up to the Cast Iron Dutch Oven to stew, braise, bake, roast and/or simmer in your Big Green Egg, on the hob or in the oven. And when you are (finally) done? You could place the Dutch Oven in the dishwasher, although washing it by hand would be better. The Cast Iron Dutch Oven has a capacity of 5.2 litres (37 cm). Do grease it occasionally with vegetable oil to keep it in tip-top condition.